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Entrepreneurial skills and cloud technology

The business model canvas provides a road map for your organisation going forward.  Success will not be achieved without the right entrepreneurial skillset and supporting technologies and processes.

Innovate Your Business Model

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As entrepreneurs and business owners, we understand the difficulty of starting a new business venture and growing an existing business in a very competitive business environment.  Differentiation of your business model from that of your competitors is what can set you apart from your competition allowing you to enter into new markets or grow your business in existing markets.

The Business Model Canvas is a very useful tool in allowing you to test out assumptions within the 9 building blocks of the canvas without breaking the bank.  Once tested and validated as correct, you are then able to begin implementation of the assumptions and innovate your business model.

We can assist you to innovate your business model either through one-on-one engagement or through a workshop process.

Public & In-House Workshops

We are able to offer in-house business modelling workshops for you and your management team.  We also on occasion run a public Business Model Canvas workshop where we provide a brief overview of the business modelling process and then get into practical sessions where we model the business organisations of the participants in the workshop.

If you are interested in going through an in-house business modelling process which includes your management team, then please click on the button below and complete the contact form.  Someone from our office will contact you as soon as we can.

If you are interested in attending a public workshop, then please click on the button below and send us your details via the online form.  We will then add you to the mailing list for the next public workshop.

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One-on-One Business Modelling

We are able to offer one-on-one business modelling sessions for yourself as a stand-alone exercise or part of a more longer-term mentorship process.  The one-on-one sessions focus on designing a business model canvas blueprint for your startup or existing organisation and allow you to gain some hands-on experience as we work through the 9 different building blocks of the business model canvas.

Through the business modelling process, we are also able to identify the key entrepreneurial skills that you need to develop and the technologies that need to be implemented.

If you are interested in participating in a one-on-one business modelling process, then please click on the button below and complete the contact form.  Someone from our office will contact you as soon as we can.

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